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Post Implementation Review Report Section 5.6.7
The purpose of this section is to determine if the system provides adequate security of data and programs. In addition to access security, procedures for backup, recovery, and restart had been reviewed.
5.1 Data Security
Unleashed as an online system, has transaction logging for us to review the adequacy of its data safeness. We do have concern of data security as the implementation group mentioned, the system only asks for user name and password for access. We suggest we add a feature that after entering user name and password on the website, each authorized user need to click on a link which generates a random security code which is sent to the phone (SMS) and email registered with theirs accounts. They need to enter this security code before they are allowed access. The code expires in 10 minutes. (Hall, 2011)

5.2 Disaster Recovery
Unleash is an online software which brings out our concern about data recovery, data might get corrupt if the client is experiencing internet traffic or reginal blackout. Thus fore, we suggest Unleash backups transfer only new or changed blocks—shrinking the backup windows, minimizing network traffic, and reducing disk capacity requirements. Because it’s not moving or storing redundant data, the client can back up more often on hourly basis, for instance, while reducing their storage footprint. We do recommend the client download Master Data and Transaction Data on a daily basis, store these data in their local server, the users will have read-only access. We also recommend the client download our system user manual in their local server as well.
Real time and continuous data protection capabilities are built in to help the client maximize availability and minimize risk for business-critical object stores and content-management applications. By using Unleashed, the...

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