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Unit Test

Slope and Proportional Thinking Unit Test, Part 2

Answer each question in the space provided.

(7 points)

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1. Refer to the equation 2x – 6y = 12.

a) What is the x-intercept? Show your work.

b) What is the y-intercept? Show your work.

c) Use the x- and y-intercepts to graph the line.



(8 points)

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2. The graph shows the number of laps Kailee ran around a track over a given number of minutes.


a) What is the slope of the line? Use the slope formula and show your work.

b) How many laps did she run per minute?

c) If she continued to run at the same rate, how many laps would she run in 24 min?


(13 points)

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3. The equation y = 12x describes the amount of money Louis earns, where x is the number of hours he works and y is the money he earns.

The table shows the amount of money Carl earns for different numbers of hours worked.

|Carl’s Earnings |
|Time (h) |3 |5 |8 |10 |
|Money earned ($) |45 |75 |120 |150 |

a) How much money does Carl earn per hour? Show your work.

b) Who earns more per hour? Justify your answer.

c) Draw a graph that represents Carl’s earnings over time in hours. Remember to label the axes.


d) Find the slope of the line in the above graph. What is the meaning of the slope in this graph?

e) If you were to draw the line that represents Louis’s earnings, how would the slope of this line compare to the slope of the line that represents Carl’s earnings?


|Your Score |___ of 28 |

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