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Potential for What?

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Potential — for what?
What every CEO should know – new insights into selecting the right leaders to secure your competitive future.

Potential — for what?


Potential — for what? Break-through approaches to selecting future leaders

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Is your employee or candidate ready, willing and able to take on the next role? The ‘growth’ factors that enable people to develop over time Derailers: Is it them? Is it you? (It is probably both) Potential — for what? A roadmap Understanding the job and its context Best practices in assessing potential Summary – 5 key steps to Identifying and Managing Potential Leadership Roles Matrix Leadership Competencies

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Potential — for what?

Potential — for what?
CEOs at the world’s most successful companies know that they can only safeguard their business’s competitive future if they have the right leaders to develop and implement their strategy. While CEOs know they can also hire external candidates, they also know that the track record of outside hires can be very unpredictable. CEOs and HR Directors from those organizations seen as best by their peers for managing talent, prefer to ensure they develop a good bench-strength of talent from inside their own organizations.
For many years CEOs at the world’s most successful companies – such as GE, P&G, BP – have seen the importance of securing their long term competitive future by investing large amounts of money and time in identifying future leaders. Using a whole battery of assessment techniques and processes they have attempted to recruit the best graduates and to see, early in their careers, which managers had the long term potential to make it to the top: what the British army has called: “finding the General’s batten in the knapsack of the new…...

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