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If you are reading this letter that means I have reached out to you as a possible investor of my future. On October 27th I had a Skype interview with a Chinese internship official through the organization and the next day I obtained the paid internship for business consultancy in Shanghai China for 8 weeks. I will be leaving for China this upcoming summer, perhaps June 3rd. This program has many things in store for me upon my arrival including; daily Chinese language classes, site seeing, Kung fu, and most importantly my shadowing of one of Chinas top Business Consultancy firms.
Most people who support me ask, why china, my response consist of two reasons. The first reason I chose China is because there is knowledge in the world’s fastest growing economy about efficiently running a business and I want to know. China has a different business context culture opposed to that of Americans which could partially be the reason why businesses in china thrive. Since I will be doing business all over the world it would only be necessary to become familiar with how different countries conduct business. The second reason is simply the opportunity that I will have as I am across seas. Leaving from California to go to college by myself in Alabama compliments my personality saying that I am competent, excelling in interpersonal skills and always willing to learn. Going from Alabama to China should make a statement about my attentions with my field of study. This type of move should confirm that I am serious about the potentials I have.
If you are still reading this then that means you see the potential that is within me and maybe want to monetarily lend me a hand in financing an opportunity of a life time. If you can give the help I need whether it is a small or large amount, understand that It will be greatly appreciated and that you will see a great return in your investment in our community.

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