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Potential Management Issues

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Potential Management Issues

The Client may want to change some aspects of the Marketing Plan

If Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company doesn’t like the Marketing Plan he may want to change some of the details. It is important to have a clear path mapped out from start to finish because it will force the client to be specific with their changes, as well as keeping the project on track. Being clear at the outset about what the task is going to be on the project and how much leeway is available. If you will need to be compensated for big revisions or changes in direction, then set a clear outline about the number of adjustments you can make before you need to charge more. If you can, quantify these adjustments with a number; it makes it much easier to keep track of things.

The Clients may be slow with Communication

People are busy, but it will be tough for the Interactive Sport Center Project to move forward if it cannot get answers from the people it is working with. The good news is that you will drastically increase your response rate if you do a little bit of work ahead of time. Instead of waiting for the back-and-forth discourse to finally take place, simply start moving in the direction that you think is best and then seek verification. This strategy makes it easy for your client to quickly say yes (or no). Additionally, you will get a response much faster because there is now a time constraint on the work. If they like what you’re doing, then they will give you the go-ahead. If they don’t, then they know that they need to get back to you right away because, otherwise, things will be moving in the wrong direction.However, it’s very important to use sound judgment. Obviously, you won’t be able to work ahead and then ask for approval on all aspects of the project, especially those that will cost a lot of time and resources to update should the...

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