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Poverty And Child Abuse In The United States

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Laws add another layer of support for children. Child abuse can be noticed through varies cultures and life styles. Poverty can influence child abuse in the form of parent’s incapability of obtaining the resources and necessitates their child needs. The diversity of cultures and the environment children live in can find child abuse acceptable or some circumstances might be seen differently in varies parts of the world. Laws have been created to protect children from being abused, neglected, and used. In 1989, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, was declared to seek the best interest of the child by making the child a “primary consideration,” and declaring that appropriate measures should be taken to protect children from harm...

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...R. A E E 1 Professor Dr. L. Hamilton SOC 106 11/25/13 Section 1: Growing up in poverty Poverty is everywhere, It is in every race and every country. A child that grows up in poverty is largely at risk because he or she may speak another language, or be less healthy, or has even been abused in one way or another. When children are in the school system and they are labeled “at-risk” and that means that the student comes from a low-socioeconomic level or speaks another language. Today, there are more single parents, dual earner couples, and parents with more than one job living in both rural and urban areas in the United States than at any other time in history. Statistics show there is approximately one in five American children who live below the national poverty level (Causes of Poverty). In today’s society, many people live below the poverty line and those numbers continue to increase because of our high unemployment rates. The Census Bureau reported that 12% of Americans live in poverty. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the poverty level in 2009 for a family of four was $22,050. With today's unfortunate down turn of events in our economy, many families struggle to earn and still do not come close to that level. Welfare reform in the United States may pressure single mothers to be gainfully employed even though child care is extremely expensive and the mother may only have an income of minimum wage. At-risk children face so many......

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