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Poverty in Africa

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Write a research paper on Poverty in Africa. Describe how/in what way it is such a big problem in the world, possible causes and possible solutions in which you think these problems can be solved.

Contents Abstract 3 Introduction: 4 Overview of poverty in Africa: 4 Facts about poverty in Africa: 5 Graph: 6 Causes of poverty in Africa: 7 1. Corruption and Poor Governance: 7 a) Unbalanced Economic Systems: 7 2. Environment: 8 3. Poor Utilization of Land: 8 4. Increase in Population: 9 5. Diseases and poor health facilities: 10 Solutions to overcome poverty: 10 1. Overcoming government failure: 10 2. Education: 11 3. Population control 11 4. Focus on agriculture: 12 5. Other possible solutions: 12 References: 13


This paper will provide a deep insight into the problems of poor people and their causes of poverty. Other than that solutions to their issues regarding the government and basic necessities of live will be focused upon. The deprivation of services for the poor is another noticeable point in the paper.


Poor people are poor because of many reasons, but they remain poor because market and government does not support them. When capital markets fail, youth is unable to get loans to finance their education, they are not capable of maintaining their health and most importantly the government is unable to provide them with basic services and necessities like water, clothing and food. To protect the poor population of one’s country, the government must take necessary steps to overcome it otherwise it can become a great threat to the total economy of the country. “When you allocate resources by market prices, you discriminate against poor people.” (Radner, 2008)
Overview of poverty in Africa:

Africa is one of the main targets...

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