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Poverty In Sappi

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Poverty would be defined as the state of being extremely poor, having little or no money, goods; or means of support and it gets to a stage where you can no more provide for the necessities in your life. Poverty is caused by a number of factors; such provide as; political instability, debt, discrimination & social inequality…
There are many different types of inequality such being; income inequality, gender inequality, but a broad outline of what inequality is, is that it’s a condition of being unequal towards someone or a group of people. Example would be a male and female working the same job and same amount of hours and the one getting paid more than the other due to circumstances such as discrimination and prejudice
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All one wanted to do was find out more into what they do and how they benefit from these. Secondly another factor they work with is recycling and one for which believes in bettering the country and what better way to do this than doing something as small and recycling. So one felt a connection when it came to this. Thirdly would be in the future if the first chosen profession doesn’t go to plan thoroughly hoping one can go into an organization such as Sappi, as one too, one day would love to work knowing the country is bettering, improving and enlightening someone else’s life and giving them something they had never thought of getting such as Sappi does.
CSR strategy
What Sappi ensures is that they offer support to the community where possible in a manner of prioritizing educational, environmental and cultural projects. In this way Sappi is not only assisting the environment and cultural aspects, but individuals so they too can grow into independent and spirited people in all different manners. The donations they receive from different organizations are geared towards assisting issues of importance of their staff members (e.g. cancer, HIV/Aids and TB). With these they also support initiatives of the business community in order to assist and address the growth needs of the country. Their efforts are then used to focus on
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The classroom will then be used in teaching grade R learners. Mentioning that this is the 5th classroom in which Sappi has donated to this primary school in the last decade.
Health and welfare
In this project, Sappi every annual Mandela Day distribute various vegetable seedlings such as (onions, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, green pepper, broccoli, cauliflower) to 150 households. These distributions are shared amongst the informal settlement of Elandshoek communal, by helping them establish new community vegetable gardens.
Arts and culture
‘One’s dream to become noticed in the big world.’ This project went as far as giving young, talented music students a chance of wider recognition and exposure in the music world. These students are registered and are invited to perform with experienced professionals at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens (WSNBG) from May up till

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