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ECO 372 Week 4 Federal Reserve System Presentation


    

Weak Economy.
Low Employment Levels. High Prices Fluctuation. Low Economy Production Capacity. High Federal Funds Rates.


Lower Discount Rates: 1. Banks borrow more reserves 2. Increase in loan offers. 3. Lower interest rates .  Increase Discount Rates: 1. Bank reserve decrease. 2. Fewer loans offers. 3. Higher interest rates.

How does monetary policy aim to avoid inflation?

  

Contractionary monetary policy: Selling of U.S. Treasury Securities-Open Market Operations. Increase in the Discount Rate. Increase in Reserve Requirements. Control Money Creation. Increase in Government Spending. Decrease in Taxes.


How does monetary policy control the money supply?
•With more money, aggregate expenditures are greater.

 Low interest rates:  Investment

 Government purchases.

 Net exports
 Consumption expenditures.


With less money, aggregate expenditures are lower.
•High interest rates:  Investment expenditures decrease .  Government spending stops.  Net exports

 Consumption expenditures.


Potential Economic Stimulus:

1. Tax cuts for individuals.
2.Tax cuts for companies. 3. Expenditures on public works. 4. Investments in research and development


Too Much Money . 1. Consumer Spending Rise

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