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Ppp Model in Rural Health

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Public Private Partnership in Rural Health Management in India

Dec -2013


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1. List of Abbreviations 3 2. Abstract 4 3. Introduction 6 3.1 Private Sector in India 7 3.2 THE ROLE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN HEALTH CARE 8 3.3 Public/Private Partnership 8 3.4 OBJECTIVES OF PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS 10 3.5 Classifying PPPs 10 3.6 Challenges in Partnership 11 3.7 Characteristics of Partnership 12 3.8 Scope and types of partnership 13 3.9 The Study for Research paper 15 3.10.1 Analysis and Discussion 16 3.10.2 Overview of the Case Studies 16 3.10.3 Enabling Conditions 17 3.10.4 Equity and Accessibility 19 3.10 Private partner selection and obligations of the Partners 19 3.11 Performance Specifications 20 3.12 Resource implications 20 3.13 Autonomy 21 3.14 Technical and managerial capacity 22 3.15 Quality of services 23 3.16 Stakeholder Perspectives 23 4. Summary and Conclusion 24 5. References 26 6. Annexure 29

1. List of Abbreviations

PPP Public Private Partnership
HSR Health Sector Reform
ADBI Asian Development Bank Institute
NRHM National Rural Health Mission
FRU First Referral Unit
MMVs Mobile Medical Unit
CHC Community Health centre
PHC Primary Health centre
SC Sub centre
MBA Master of Business Administration
WHO World Health Organization
NGO Non Government Organization
NFP Not for Profit
MOHFW The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
R & D Research and Development
ICT Information and Communications Technology

2. Abstract

Deficiencies in...

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