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Public Relations / Public Relations is Timeless
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I. Brief Background Information
Public Relations innovate over years. Its advancement can never be stopped. It will continue to improve. So is its purpose to every organization. From being an alternative and luxury, it became a vital part of every organization.
All companies need Public Relations, just as a company needs its leaders. Although it has different purpose, it will always benefit the social image of the organization. Companies use PR to their advantage; to create a rapport between the company and to the public. People have different perspective, so PR practitioners can also build a good image for the company, and this image will surely be great help for the success of the company.
Studying PR is an advantage, for it will help you build a better understanding about the industry and the connection between different associations.


II. Personal Experience as related to Input PR is everywhere. In our daily lives, we are being involved in different PR practices. Most of the time, we are the receiver; the audience. It comes in different forms. We can find PR in commercials and advocacies, in newspaper and magazine, and many more. It uses several medium to reach the public. In a personal view, PR is inevitably part of our society. Every company uses PR. Public relations is an effort to influence the public. I must say that when it comes to audience, a good PR really affects the public. For an instance, during the 2010 Elections, I observed that ABS-CBN and GMA7 always have station I.D. that really promotes their stand about the said event. The advocacies build up the channels concern for the nation’s most important decision. Also, McDonald’s press release, “Make your McDonald’s Cheese Burger Count and Help Bright Mind Read,” is really good. For every cheese burger value meal...

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