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Year 10 Science
Practical Report

When a body is acted upon by a force it experiences acceleration. There are a number of factors that could affect the acceleration of the body.

Lachie Patterson 5/7/2014

How does the mass of an object effect the acceleration of the object?
If the mass of the trolley is increased, the acceleration rate of the trolley decreases.
This happens because of Newton’s second law, which is, a larger mass accelerates less than a smaller mass when acted on by the same force.
Independent: Mass of the trolley. Dependent: The acceleration of the object. Controlled: The position of the ticker timer, mass that is pulling the h trolley, same trolley, voltage and bench surface.
Fair Test:
To conduct a fair test, make sure that you do not change the materials needed throughout the experiment. Keep the same method throughout and also make sure the ticker timer stays in the same place.
* 1x Ticker timer * 1x Power pack * 1x One meter ruler * 1x Scissors * 12x 1m Ticker tape * 1x Pen * 2x Red and or black leads * 1x Roll of string * 1x Set of 50g masses on hook * 1x Trolley * 1x Roll of sticky tape * 1x Safety glasses * 1x Hair tie if needed * Flat bench/table
1. Collect and put on safety glasses. If required, put hair up with hair tie. 2. Collect all materials and place on the bench/table. 3. Place ticker timer and power pack at the end of the bench with power supply. Plug in the power pack. 4. Connect the ticker timer to the power pack by attaching the red and black leads to the two terminals on…...

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