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In recent decades there has been a globalization process driven by the market, especially due to the rapid advances in information exchange and telecommunications. This process involves the increasing integration, to varying degrees, global markets for goods, services, capital, technology and labor, which has led to greater openness and freer movement of factors of production.

This allows the globalization of the economy through trade, present new opportunities for growth and development. But these countries are not exempt of difficulties and problems in being able to exercise these trade shares without being harmed by their lower weight in the global economy.

The World Trade Organization is an international organization that is responsible for regulating the global rules governing trade between countries, and its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly and freely as possible.

If we look at the composition of the members of the WTO, three quarters of its members are developing or least developed countries, and takes place in 2000 a new round of negotiations has passed some called Doha Development where developing countries raise a number of issues to promote their development and trade, among the measures taken are: longer terms for enforcing agreements and commitments; measures to increase their trading opportunities and assistance to help them build the necessary infrastructure to carry out the tasks related to the WTO; agreements on non-agricultural tariffs; dumping and subsidy measures; skills policies, transparency stockings...

The enumeration of these agreements, gives us an idea of what are the main problems in trade relation of the developing countries. Before further progress in relation to these problems, we have to make a contextualization that affects the vast majority of developing countries, and I say most because it is…...

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