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History of Max’s Restaurant

In 1945, after World War II, American Occupation Troops stationed in Quezon City, Philippines, were befriended by Maximo Gimerez, a Stanford-educated teacher. A few came to his nearby house for drink or two, until they insisted that they pay for their drinks. Maximi decided to open a café which serves chicken, steak, and drinks. He was joined by Mercedes, his wife, and Felipa, his sister-in-law. His niece, Ruby, managed the kitchen joined by her husband Claro, Ruby concocted a special recipe for chicken that was adored by G.I.s, and they kept coming back for more. Soon enough, the Filipino public heard about the delicious chicken-tender, juicy and crispy. They came too!

Encourage by her mother to expand the menu and serve more Filipino food, Ruby set up the Baclaran branch along the Roxas Boulevard in Parañaque. It was decided that the restaurant would be named Max’s which was Maximo’s nickname.

Company’s Profile


To be the most admired restaurant of choice where people celebrate and cherish great food and excellent service, everyday, all the time.



To consistently delight tem with great food and excellent service in a clean and comfortable environment.

To assure value for money.


To provide them with good working environment and opportunities for personal, professional and career development.


To treat them as strategic partners worthy of respect, fairness and professionalism.

To work as a team and strive for a fair return of investment.


To conduct our business with social responsibility through good corporate governance and citizenship.

To do our share in protecting our environment....

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