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The flourishing journey of RFL started back in 1980,with the name of Rangpur Foundry Ltd. The founder of the company was the late Major Gen (retd) Amjad Khan Chowdhury, a leading member of the Ahmaddiya Community in Bangladesh.
RFL started its journey with Cast Iron (CI) products in 1980. To eradicate poverty from the society and generate employment for the people of Bangladesh. The initial main objective was to ensure pure water and affordable irrigation instruments for improving rural life. RFL produced cast iron products specially tube well, water pump and other farm implements with a view to ensuring pure drinking water and cheap irrigation facilities for the rural mass.
With a vision to serve the common people of Bangladesh with quality necessary products, PRAN has started its operation in 1981 as a process fruits and vegetable in Bangladesh. Then RFL diversified its operation into PVC category in 1996 and in plastic sector in 2003.
At present, PRAN-RFL Groups manufactured products have earned extensive acceptability and acclaim both within the country and abroad. Today RFL has its wide ranges of CI products like pumps, tube wells, bearings, gas stoves etc and has achieved the prestige as the largest cast iron foundry and light engineering workshop in Bangladesh. It is the market leader in all these three sectors- Cast Iron, PVC and Plastic in the country. Sizeable amount is also exported to different countries. And the food product sector PRAN currently exports to more than 100 countries around the world.
PRAN-RFL Group has a lot of demand of its various products and has earned goodwill, not only in Bangladesh, but in the different countries of the world. In this sphere of achievement, the supreme-soul of PRAN-RFL Group, Mr Amjad Khan Chowdhury’s merit, far-sightedness, strong will & sincerity were the main catalyst.

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