Prayer Importance

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The importance of Islam cannot be understated. It is the first pillar of Islam that the prophet (peace upon him) mentioned after mentioning the testimony of faith, by which one becomes a Muslim. It was made obligatory upon all the prophets and for all the peoples. Allah has declared his obligatory status under majestic circumstances. For example, when Allah spoke directly to Moses, He said, ‘and I have chosen you, so listen to that which is inspired to you. Verify, I am Allah! There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship Me and offer prayer perfectly for my remembrance.’ ( Taha 13-14)
Similarly, the prayers were made obligatory upon the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during his ascension to heaven. Furthermore, when Allah praises the believers, such as in the beginning of surah al-Muminoon, one of the first descriptions He states is there adherence to the prayers.
Once a man asked the prophet (peace be upon him) about the most virtuous. The prophet (peace be upon him) stated that the most virtuous deed is the prayer. The man asked again and again. The first three times, the prophet (peace be upon him) again answered, ‘The prayer,’ then one of the fourth occasion he stated, ‘Jihad in the way of Allah.’
The importance of prayer is demonstrated in the many of the prophet’s statement. For example, the prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘The first matter that the slave will be brought to account for on the Day of Judgment is the prayer. If it is sound. And if it is bad, then the rest of his deeds will be bad.’ The importance of the prayers lies in the important aspect is ones relationship to Allah, that is ones faith (imaan), God-consciousness (taqwa), sincerity (ikhlas) and worship of Allah (ibaadah). This relationship with Allah is both demonstrated and put into practice, as well as improved and increased, by the prayer.…...