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Case Study #10 1. Botulism is the diagnosis because of the characteristics of botulism. The symptoms all match with botulism because botulism makes muscle weakness caused by the supply of cells to the cranial nerves, the nerves connecting to the control of eye movement, facial muscles and the control of chewing and swallowing. The weakness then spreads throughout the body to the arms (starting in the shoulders and proceeding to the forearms) and legs (again from the thighs down to the feet). As for infant botulism is the most common form of botulism. It is also most common in kids under than 6 months. 2. If botulism was the case Kevin would have to be admitted to the hospital to start treatment. Treatment cannot usually be treated in the home but in the hospital. If botulism is not treated quickly it can be fatal, with the treatment it is usually possible to stop toxins causing further paralysis. Since Kevin is a 13 week old he will need to be incubated to keep him warm and protect him from other infections, this still requires treatment from hospitals. 3. An antitoxin is administered to Kevin at the earliest opportunity. Antitoxin is derived from horse serum that is distributed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Antitoxin is effective against toxin type A,B and E and these of the4 toxins that are in the botulinum toxin and that is what unattached the nerve endings. Antibiotics cannot be administered to botulism because the Clostridium groups of toxins are not sensitive to them. Antibiotics are discouraged for infants because of the bacteria that could potentially be released into the child’s system. 4. Usually eating honey, eating fish that has picked up salinity or acidity of brine can cause botulism, so home canned foods can carry botulism or just by putting your fingers in mouth (fingers with dirt on them) can give you botulism. 5. Botulism is not the tested in the hospital because of the toxins that are in botulism. The lab results from the hospital usually results in unremarkable results. That is why the botulism is tested in a specialized lab so they can test for bioterrorist attacks with botulinum toxin. A hospital lab cannot test for the characteristic abnormalities in botulism because the lab usually tests for CBC, electrolytes and LFTs which are not helpful to diagnosing botulism.

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