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Akosua Adomako
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April 15, 2016 Pre School I have always thought teaching pre-school was the easiest job any teacher could have since children were adorable and mostly fun. It was until I visited a cousin who happens to be pre-school teacher that I realized exactly what teaching these adorable children entailed but I now know the teaching profession is to me the hardest no matter the level being taught. It was a beautiful Friday morning when I arrived with my cousin at a small elementary school. It was about 7 am when these stunning kids started to troop into their class. The atmosphere was precious as some were quite happy to have another day of school and others were whinny to part with their parents. But the cheerful voice of my cousin Miss Mills was enough to make them happy again. They began with their rhymes which reminded me of my days in pre-school I joined in from time to time when they said a rhyme I was familiar with and they filled my heart with gladness that I could actually remember the words. After their recitation, she marked attendance and the star pupil for the week got to choose a book out of selection which Miss Mills was to read to them. As I sat at the back I attentively watching the children a thought crossed my mind that could this day get any better because she had them just the way she wanted them but little did I know that worst was yet to come. I marvelled at the enthusiathism of the children to contribute even if they had nothing meaningful to say. After recess the children had a lesson on plants and flowers. The teacher moved from flower to flower trying to teach the children a few names but they seemed more interested in running around and chasing each other and butterflies whilst she was talking most of them had their attention on other stuff. Some were talking, some were...

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