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Preclass Survey

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Pre-Class Survey

WRITE YOUR RESPONSES TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS BASED UPON YOUR EXPERIENCE ONLY. BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS IN CLASS. 1. What is communication? Communication is the transfer of a message or information between two or more people. It can be the conveying of facts or an exchange of opinions or emotions. Communication can be a number of forms, verbal, non-verbal, through the media, or through writing. 2. What is the purpose of communication? The purpose of communication is to connect two or more people. It is so that people can understand each other, learn information, ask questions, come to agreements, work with each other, or to just stay in touch. 3. What is good communication? Good communication is being able to convey one’s message or opinion clearly and effectively. In order to have good communication all parties involved must participate by providing feedback. It is also being able to communicate and to be able to have civilized debates when there is a difference of opinions. 4. What is your understanding of the differences between verbal and non-verbal communication? Verbal communication is when communicating face to face or over the phone through actual talking. In some cases it could also include sign language depending on the situation. Non-verbal communication includes emails, texts messages, written letters, and I suppose it could also include one’s body language. In my opinion, verbal communication is more effective. When verbally communicating one is able to really emphasize important words and the audience is able to hear the speaker’s tone. Also in verbal communication, feedback is immediate. With non-verbal communication it is easy to misunderstand what the author is really trying to say and the emotion behind it. 5. What is your experience with team/group communication? This is my second class with team/group...

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