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Predictable and Unpredictable Life Events

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Influences of Predictable and Unpredictable Life Events:

Life events can change the direction of life affecting personal development. Major changes in life can either be predicted or even chosen, whilst others may be unpredicted and unwanted. Predictable life events such as starting school, puberty and retirement often mark a transition from one life stage to another, acting as milestones in our personal development. However, unpredictable life events such as sudden illness, redundancy, or divorce occur unexpectedly and are more often associated with loss, but also may lead to positive changes in life. Sudden changes in life is related to the risk of an individual to feel out of control and therefore stressed. If an individual chooses to leave home, marry or retire, they are in control of these major life events. The idea of predictable and unpredictable life events involves generalisation. For some individuals, issues such as divorce or redundancy may be predictable, but other people may not have of expected to neither be divorced nor lose their job.

Predictable: Starting School
Starting school is a government requirement and therefore is a predictable life event; however it can have an influence on an individual’s development. Physical development is associated with starting school as individuals start to participate in the subject of physical education (PE), which gives children the opportunity to boost their physical development, and allows them to run around and be active. PE is a compulsory subject in schools and as it is part of the national curriculum, parents are assured that their children are getting some form of organised exercise up to and until a certain age, reassuring them that their child is consistently active. Also being in physical education from a young age may inspire individuals with a passion for sport and exercise for the future....

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