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Predictive Police

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Predictive Policing:
Fighting Crime Using Information Technology
Andrew E. Carrington III
Strayer University

The days of a police department’s dependency on random patrol techniques alone to fight crime are a thing of the past. Police departments across the United States have begun to use a strategy known as COMPSTAT (computer statistics). COMPSTAT is an extremely successful crime analysis and law enforcement management process developed by the New York Police Department. COMPSTAT uses Geographic Information Systems to map the locations of where crimes occur. The application of information technology has enabled countless police departments across the United Stated to reduce crime. This method known as predictive policing has led to a decrease in several crimes such as automobile thefts, robberies, and burglaries.

Predictive Policing:
Fighting Crime Using Information Technology
Using statistics and analytical data to predict criminal activity has become standard practice in several police departments throughout the United States. This type of policing is known as predictive policing. Police and the use of information technology (IT) have received interest from a wide research community. One advantage of the predictive policing and the information systems are they allow for the police to respond to the crime much faster. Predictive policing also involves threats and weaknesses as the transition is attempted to bridge the gap between traditional policing methods and predictive policing. The computer statistics, also known as COMPSTAT, is a system which implements the four basic information system (IS) functions which are input, processing, output, and feedback. Although the application of information technology has been able to help reduce crime, it is quite different than random patrol tactics used by police departments.
Businesses have used...

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