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Preference of Xavier Dormer on the K+12 Bep

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“If you want to plan for a year, plant a tree; for a decade educate people.” It is an old maxim that talks about the importance of education where it plays a major role in the progress and welfare of a nation. Thus, every nation has a high regard in educating its people. According to Nelson Mandela, one of an African foremost statesman said that “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” It is supported by one of the approaches of curriculum which is known as reconstructivism where the long term purpose of education is promoted. They are trained to be professionals in the future that in the end will reform the society. Everyone has the right to education as what the Universal Deceleration on Human Rights stated. It is supported by the 1987 Philippine Constitution Section 1 of Article XIV that announces that “the state shall protect and promote the right of all citizen to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.” This creates an avenue for the children to have quality education so that they will have a bright future and a better quality of life that most parents want to achieve and this will be beneficial and helpful to the nation itself. In the Philippine Journal (2006), Moises R. Tamandong cited different ingredients for quality education. He stated the following:
1.Curriculum which caters to the needs of the learners, carefully planned and based on real situations and culture of country by region.
2.Sincere, honest, enthusiastic and God-fearing educators.
3.Competent, well-equipped, skilled, concerned, hardworking, dedicated, properly compressed, loving and caring teachers.
4.Cooperative and concerned parents/ guardian.
5.Responsible media.
6.Responsible spiritual leaders.

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