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Prejudice Sterotyping and Discrimination Worksheet

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Definition Concept Name
Judgments based on positive and negative perceptions of a social group Prejudice

Reacting to a person as though he or she was an indistinguishable member of a particular social group (Biases) Category-based
Acting on cognitive expectations and emotional reactions to a person's perceived membership in a particular social group
Sterotyping (Comparative fit)
Bias affirms the satisfaction of belonging to the right groups; individual autonomy is balanced against group identity. Optimal Distinctiveness Theory
Bringing about the behavior in others that a biased perceiver expects Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
The degree to which one accepts a hierarchy in which some groups rightfully have a commanding influence over others Social Dominance Hierarchy
Similar to fundamental attribution error, as applied to groups Ultimate Attribution Error
Attributing negative encounters with others to membership in a stigmatized group or others' biases against the stigmatized group to which one belongs Attribution Ambiguity
Biases assigned to a person without intention, awareness, effort, or control, often based on subliminal cues Automatic bias
Economic, political, military, or prestige-related threats to ingroup advantage that result in negative intergroup reactions Realistic group conflict theory
Applying one’s cognitive expectations and associations about a group to a person Cognitive bias (stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are examples)
Prejudice that is cool, indirect, automatic, unconscious, unintentional, and often gives reason for the perceiver to deny any bias Subtle prejudice
Legitimizing current social arrangements, even at the expense of the individual or the group System justification
An explanation for a judgment that is used to excuse one's actual bias Ambiguous Bias
Overt, explicit forms of bias that emphasize belonging to an ingroup and controlling outgroups Controlling Bias (controlling via stereotype to protect ingroup and control outgroup)
The value one places on one's social groups or perceived membership in various social groups Collective Self-esteem (CSE)
Reacting emotionally to an individual based on one's feelings about the group to which one believes that person belongs

The perception that the world is a dangerous place, which creates fear, hostility, and moral superiority and justifies aggression against perceived threats from outgroups Authoritarianism
The part of one's self-concept that derives from his or her group membership Social identity

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