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Differences in Competencies, ADN v. BSN
Jett Jordan-Woodbury
Grand Canyon University
NRS 430v: Professional Dynamics
Linda Permoda
May 11, 2012

Difference in Competencies Between an Associate Degree and a Bachelor Degree Nurse
While an Associate Degree Nurse, also known as an ADN, and Bachelor of Science in nursing nurse, also known as a BSN, are given the same preliminary education relating to patient treatment, there are notable differences in their professional and educational preparation, as well as their competencies. These two degrees have different levels of patient interaction and contact, as well as job expectations. ADN and BSN programs focus on different aspects and angles of education and job focus that all ultimately lead to taking optimal care of the patient. This paper compares the differences between those two areas and how important it is for these two degrees to work together as a team to provide the best possible outcome for all patients and nurses involved. This paper will touch on the differences between the educational levels and focuses, the clinical competencies, and the job expectations of the ADN and the BSN.
Educational Competencies and Job Expectations The educational levels of the ADN and the BSN differ drastically, they can last anywhere from two to four years in length and focus on many different aspects of the nursing profession, but they all are geared toward the same outcome, optimal care of the patient. In the two year ADN program, the RN is focused on hands on skills. It focuses on the RN mastering the technical part of the profession. In other words it is focused on direct, hands on patient care. Not too much attention is focused on the theoretical or scientific background. “The intent was the nurses with associate degrees would work under the direction of the nurses with the bachelor’s degrees”...

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