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1st slide- What are genetically modified foods and organisms?
 “Genetically modified food or genetically modified organisms is commonly used to refer to crops and plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques” (Whitman (2000).
 The modified plants and organisms have been modified in laboratories to enhance the desired traits. Some enhanced traits might be to improve nutritional content or make plants resistant to herbicides. In order for these traits to be enhanced scientists breed the desired traits.
 Genetically modified foods have had foreign genes from other plants or animals inserted into their genetic codes (Heit (2012)
2nd slide- What are genetically modified foods and organisms?
 For scientists to achieve the desired traits for genetically modify organisms they us selective breeding. Selective breeding is where over time selected plants, animals, and microorganisms are bred to produce the desired traits, but the genetic modification allows scientists to speed this process up by moving desired genes from one organism to another (Heit (2012).
 The organisms that are selected for the genetic modification are organisms that exhibit a variety of different traits and then these organisms are bred
 The most common genetically modified organisms are plants.
3rd slide- Genetically Modified Food and Organism Benefits
 Genetically modified foods and organisms were created to provide the same nutrition and the genetically modified crops technology is the only way to feed an increasingly populous world.
 Plants are the most genetically modified because they bring the most benefits. Modified plants increase crop yields, reduce costs for food and drug production, reduce need for pesticides, enhance nutrient composition, provides better food quality, gives resistance to pests and disease, provides greater food security, offers medical benefits for the world, crops mature faster, and tolerate aluminum, boron, salt, drought, frost, and other environmental stressors, allowing plants to grow in conditions where they might not otherwise grow (Phillips (2008)
4th slide- Genetically Modified Food and Organism Benefits
 Biofortification is the idea of breeding crops to increase their nutritional value. The nutritional level and quality traits of food can be altered through transgenic methods such as Biofortification. Biofortification improves food quality and complements other technological and social interventions at a lower cost (IUNS (2012).
5th slide- Benefits to the Industrial Industry
 Oils, starch, fiber, protein, and other chemicals produce usefulness for the industrial industry.
 These genetically modified crops helps gain the advantage in using renewable resources to replace products from petroleum and other non-renewable resources while maintaining a safe and adequate human food supply (IUNS (2012).
6th slide- Genetically modified foods and organisms risks
 Plants and animals that are modified could have unexpected genetic changes that can be harmful. Also, these genetically modified foods might be less resistant to some pests, but could be more susceptible to other pests (Heit (2012).
 The FDA regulates the genetically modified foods because foods that are being altered might cause allergy risks for some people.
 The FDA requires 120 day notice of an modified organism before it is marketed in order to prevent allergic reactions.
7th slide- Benefit of Genetically Modified Organisms for Pharmaceutical Companies
 In 1986 the first genetically modified protein made by pharmaceutical company was the human growth hormone and in 1989 they created the first antibody. Both these modifications were genes used from tobacco.
 In 2003 a number of antibodies were produced in plants and made it to clinical trial (Freedman, David (2013).
 A modification of genes known as the Transgenic Animals, are animals that are bred to carry human genes or mutations in specific genes to allow scientists to study the progression and genetic determinants of various diseases (Freedman, David (2013).
8th slide- Genetically Modified Organism Regulations
 In 1986 the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) created the first intergovernmental document to address issues surrounding the use of genetically modified organisms, called the "Recombinant DNA Safety Considerations," (Freedman (2013). The document requests that risk assessments be performed on a case by cases basis for any genetically modified organism.
 Experimental variations for expression and control of modified genes can be applied to minimize risks ad keep modifications safe (Freedman (2013)

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