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Preserving Cultural Heritage- Only the Truth Can Set Them Free

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Comparative Analysis of Two Texts

Preserving Cultural Heritage- Only the Truth Can Set Them Free
Individual heritage can and does shape generations to come. Americans, for the most part, accept this as an important and necessary ingredient in the fabric which sets us apart from other cultures in the world. It is a heritage that is uniquely ours. Cultural traditions and stories provide a basis upon which generations to come can connect to all the factors that have shaped how they are living today. The next generation learns from the last and ancestral stories are repeated, passed down and incorporated into the fabric of the uniqueness of individuals within a culture.
Within the vast boundaries of our nation there are unique and geographical cultures that have succeeded in surviving despite the odds and then there are the stories of those who didn’t succeed. Both cultures build upon bonding born from the hardship of working the soil in rural America, but only one of these cultures has found a way to liberate its people and share the truths associated with those struggles.
Maya Angelou speaks to the African American Culture in her work “Reclaiming our Home Place”. She captures the tragic yet rich history of the America’s south and how celebrating this history as a culture has set the once enslaved African American free. (Angelou) Further to the northwest, based in the rural by-ways of America is the story of the people who claimed the plains as their heritage as told by Kathleen Norris in “Can you Tell the Truth in a Small Town?” The plains and her people’s culture faced very different struggles and remain bound to secret societies of shame and shared silent failures which challenge and threaten the loss of their historical heritage. (Norris)
Slavery has existed, in one form or...

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