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President Barack Obama

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Introduction: The intention of this research paper is to establish that President Barack Obama is a high-minded leader. This composition is aimed towards those who are uncertain whether they support our current president. In this research paper, the question, “Is Obama a great leader? “Will be answered. To support the main question of this paper these questions will also be answered: Does Obama have influence, has he created a positive change, Does he exhibit integrity, Does he have well-defined priorities, and does he display the quality of vision?
The method of research used in determining whether president Barrack Obama is a good leader was as follows: First, defining what traits a good leader exhibits. Through the article “Great Leaders grow deep roots: six characteristics of exceptional leaders” provided great insight in explain what a good leader is. Second, by researching speech given by Obama the quality of his leadership was able to be determined. Then, a variety of articles were investigated though the internet. Finally a number of blog post where sifted through to experience the opinions of others. By this method of research a wide range of thought was gathered on Obamas leaderships skills.
Many sources were used to derive a conclusion on Obamas leadership character. Below our the sources with their Claim, Evidence, and reasoning. Barack Obama in the speech, “American rhetoric” claims that America is a great country full of oppurnitys but change is needed to be made, and that John Carry can bring those improvements needed. Obama supports his claim by explain that John Carry believes that within America hard work is rewarded. The authors purpose is to persuade voters into voting for John Carry so that John will be the next US President. The author writes in a formal persuasive tone for democratic voters. Barack Obama in...

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