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On November 6th 2012 American could have a new president; this two horse race is between Republican Mitt Romney and Democratic Barack Obama. This report will be looking to assess if Mitt Romney could become the next President. Such factors come into consideration as who Romney is? What’s is his plan to win over the American voters, What polices he will be focusing on and how popular they are with voters, tracking the polls to see where he stands, analysing his campaign to see if it has had any major triumphs or disasters, is Romney on the right path to get 270 electrical votes and most importantly looking at his opponent Barack Obama and is he likely to win again?. Using sources such as newspapers, online journals and poll websites to evaluate how successful Romney’s campaign will be.
Romney The man, the plan.
Mitt Romney has emerged through the rankings of the Republican Party to run in the 2012 Presidential campaign. Romney attended Harvard University where he studied law and business. He later moved on to become a high powered business executive who swiftly stepped into his father’s former position as Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. Even though he only served one term he quickly had his sights set higher but he was unsuccessful in his first attempt at becoming a Presidential candidate when he lost out to John McCain in 2008. Successful the second time around, he is committed to making sure someone in the race “understands” the Economy. During the race for the 2012 Presidential campaign he is following the strategy that political scientist Lynn Vavurect would call a “Clarifying campaign”, he is ensuring that the current bleak state of the economy and the excessively high rate of 8% national unemployment is at the forefront of voter’s minds. Campaign strategy such as this has been successful in the past. In 1980 during his Presidential campaign Ronald…...