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Provocative, audacious and unconventional, these three words best encapsulate the style statement of Swiss watchmaking brand BOMBERG that has entered the world of timepieces for more than two years now. Through the imaginative notion of breaking the rules, thinking out of the box, and crossing the line, an extraordinary creativity has established a trusted watch brand with international exposure and high quality standing. Swiss made, strong and different, BOMBERG has made a big name in the industry with its excellent wristwatch collections that have become symbols of every young, free-spirited, and modern-day person in the city. Mutually perfect for a dapper hunk, a rebel buff, a sophisticated chic, and an on-the-go lady, BOMBERG offers a wide range of designs that would definitely catch the eye of any fashion maven, both for men and women. With the great combination of elegance and androgyny, its distinctive features, such as the crown and buttons placed at 12 o’clock, dual usage wrist or pocket, and skull-and-crossbones chain, bind the overall look of this solid product as a true reinterpretation of classic watchmaking. This year, as BOMBERG presents an amazing duo of its watch releases in the Philippines — the newly launched BOLT-68 and the iconic model 1968 – a revamped definition of being hip come alive with the innovation of design and function combined into one masterpiece. While the timeless and well-known 1968 collection exudes a beautiful rendition of an atypical sporty watch with its bull head-12 o’clock and two large chronograph counters, the BOLT-68, on the other hand, offers a dark object of desire that has two purposes which are all available in a single stellar item, either a wrist or a pocket one. Synonymous to the unique identity of its fantastic advertising campaign hit of BOLT-68 collection, the watch brand’s apparent insight to lifestyle expresses a keen focus to being true to oneself by taking pride of independence and difference in an artistic approach. As BOMBERG Chairman Rick De La Croix shared: “Creativity is the ability to think outside the box.” The most anticipated creation of BOLT-68 collection allows the watch lovers of BOMBERG to turn an exclusive timepiece to a disruptive pocket watch for a more dynamic and flexible usage, which also makes every bearer of this watch a standout among the rest like a special guest in a grand event. As every patron of this exceptional timepiece has the unceasing aspiration to be the best in his chosen field, BOMBERG continues to extend its reach to people with an ignited inspiration to blend fashion and art together in one’s daily living with the awesome mix of modernity, casual chicness, and urban expressionism.

Discover the luxury and style that BOMBERG brings to Manila in Robinsons Magnolia and in the following branches of Washington — Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Megamall, Greenbelt 1, Powerplant Mall Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Glorietta 4, SM North EDSA, Eastwood Mall, and Robinsons Place Manila.

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