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Prewriting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing

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Prewriting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing
Jonathan Carroll
December 21, 2013

Part 1:
Background of the Problem * As a result of underage college drinking men and women are having unprotected sex while under the influence of alcohol; in some cases they acquire a sexually transmitted disease including herpes and Aids etc. * Violent crimes are being commended on university campuses, because of alcohol use. * Excessive drinking can result in memory loss and could be a gateway to drugs such as marijuana etc.
* Preventing alcohol abuse will reduce automobile crashes resulting in death within teens. * Preventing teen drinking will help kids with long lasting health issues that will occur if the teen drinks alcohol excessively. * Preventing alcohol abuse teens will most likely succeed in life.

Our Proposed Ideas * Try to avoid bars and people that drink on a regular basis. * Acquire new friends that don’t drink alcohol. * Avoid people that try to peer pressure you to consume alcohol.

Benefits * Preventing alcohol use will lower crime rate on campuses across the nation. * Preventing alcohol abuse will help student increase their study behaviors by attending more classes and focusing while in class. * Preventing alcohol abuse on campus will help universities control student deaths related to underage drinking.

Implementation * Discuss with your young teens about what alcohol can do to you. * Give teens examples about the problems with underage drinking such as car wrecks, death and long term memory loss. * Example to the teen that there commenting a crime while drinking under the age of 21.

Recommendation * Associate with people that don’t drink alcohol. * Be smart before you get in a car with a drunk driver. * Don’t drink alcohol because you see adults do it and you think it’s...

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