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Prg 211 Week 5

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Development teams and programmers acquire the knowledge of writing code to enhance the power of computers to solve problems and perform various tasks (Trott, 2004). Research shows good communication with customers and organizations ensures a meticulous understanding of a distinct problem. Subsequently a program can be designed to meet needs and expectations of customers and organizations (Trott, 2004). Successfully solving problems with program software requires planning, analyzing, and program management to ensure all aspects of the problem meet the required expectations. I believe planning your program following the program development cycle, will enable you to use your time efficiently thus helping design error-free programs that produce the desired output.
In the development cycle a programmer needs to first understand the problem by a extracting the requirements or requirements specification (Bronson & Rosenthal, 2005). The programmer then needs to analyze requirements using the information given to provide a repeatable, predictable process that improves productivity and quality results. Then coding takes place by writing statements in computer language to carry out the program design (Bronson & Rosenthal, 2005). After the program has been implemented software testing or validation phases ensures that bugs are recognized. Also accurate documentation of program implementation and testing is done throughout development cycle for future maintenance and enhancement (

Problem Statement
An organization has awarded our program development team a contract to develop a program to manage daily calorie intake. The organization wants to identify if whether a person is balancing calories consumed with those being expended. Our programmers take into account the balance of calories daily by gaining knowledge of what foods and...

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