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Website Design, Development & Maintenance

123 Anywhere Dr.
Somewhere, CA

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Overview TIKI Hut is seeking to create a website to promote its business of lawn art. The website needs to provide an effective user interface that profiles the art and allows for online ordering.
The website needs to keep the users engaged, allows for easy navigation, online ordering and provide accurate available inventory for shipment. The employees of TIKI Hut will need to be able upload and remove pictures of the yard art; however bidder will need to maintain the upkeep of the site.
TIKI Hut is located in the Northeast of Somewhere, California. It was established in 2010 by Tonya Kennedy and the SC council on disabilities. TIKI Hut sells yard décor such as gnomes, mosaic tile art, bird feeders and other types of yard fixtures created by local disabled artists. We also sell select mulches and flowers. All items are purchased from local farmers and growers. Tiki Hut goals are to provide an outlet for local artists while making California beautiful.
Project Information
To reach a wider group of consumers with a website that highlights the yard art from the local artists. The website must contain a page for the artists’ bios, a way to provide feedback, online ordering, pictures of the yard art, and ability for store staff to upload and remove pictures as needed. The website will also need to connect to our access database to provide inventory information for real time ordering and inventory control. All the artists’ pictures and bio’s have been written and are currently available for...

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