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Price minister is an e-commerce website created in 2010 by Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet It sells new and second-hand product and allows customers to compare prices. His model is to be an intermediary between the customer and the other merchants (we can refer it as a C to C company). But beyond its sells Price minister makes a lot of money through advertising either banner or number of visit it provide to e-traders. Moreover because all of the products are stocked to Customer place so no cost related to it. The way of Price minister is very efficient and has allow him to become in April 2010 the first visited e-commerce website in France with more than 11,4 millions visitors just before the giant American

The same year because of both his success and the way the company functions, Price Minister have been bought by Rakuten for 200 millions euro. Now Rakuten owns 100% of the capital of the enterprise and has kept at least for five year the previous CEO and the management team. The goal of Rakuten is to increase its presence in a world wild scale. Rakuten is planning to use Price Minister has a gate to enter in the European market in order to achieve its ambitious growth.

For both company it is a win/ win situation. In one hand Price Minister help Rakuten to penetrate a new market and in the other hand Rakuten helps Price Minister to increase his range at the European level and bring its well-known expertise in the field of e- commerce and management.

Indeed Rakuten is one of the pioneer and expert of the empowerment and has brought this to Price Minister. We can see the influence of Rakuten on the management of Price Minister. One of the best examples of the reinforcement of the empowerment in the company is the creation of a university dedicated to the empowerment of the professional’s traders and sales men by a team of e-commerce consultant of the...

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