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Primary Research and Secondary Researcg


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In this piece of task I will be explaining methods used to identify the target market for the proposed business learners need to demonstrate their understanding of the methods used to identify their target market for the proposed business. This will require them to consider a range of methods that could actually be used and to provide reasons of my choice. Market research will almost certainly be included but learners need to explain why. Other methods may prove more challenging but the selection and justification should contribute to a possible business launch rather than just being a descriptive account of how they could be applied.
Primary Research
Surveys; A survey helps to get customer feedback that involves Hurum’s to prepare a mini questionnaire they would give to customers. The questionnaire would contain tick boxes and writing their opinions what you can improve on. When Hurum’s gets the returning of the questionnaire it needs read and improved on know what the customer satisfaction is.
Experimentation; Experimentation is a different way of trying out new things by experimenting; you can see what error is produced and see if it can be controlled by the researcher. Experimentation can be a way of trying out a new design on a small area. Hurum’s might test a new product to a limited audience of consumers by this it allows Hurum’s to save money as they are letting limited audience to test the product. This allows Hurum’s to go after for more products to invent in.
E – Marketing; E marketing, all so known as internet advertising by using internet advertising you will be able to promote your market. By this Hurum’s you can increase their sales, by sharing information about your business through emails and helping the customers see how useful your products are and having newsletters is a great way of updating about your business and updating them with

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