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Primo Levi's Life In Auschwitz

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Primo Levi and his group were captured and taken in 1943 in Italy during World War II by the Nazis for participating in a resistance group called “Justice and Liberty”. They were sent to Auschwitz Buna, a factory that created synthetic rubber and latex. After eleven astonishing months surviving as a laborer and a chemist inside Auschwitz, Primo Levi and the whole camp was saved by the Russian Army. Once Levi entered the camp his personal background and physical capabilities influenced the nature of his life in Auschwitz, as it did too for many other prisoners. Before World War II began Levi had just gotten a degree in chemistry in the University of Turin. In Auschwitz the Nazis opened a chemistry unit and with his professional background as chemist, Levi was sent to work there. This meant superior living conditions thereby increasing his chances of survival especially during the harsh winter. It is clear from Levis account that a prisoner’s physical condition, mental capacities and skill set were determining factors in …show more content…
Nonetheless, depending on the job that the prisoner received chances of survival would increase or decrease accordingly. Primo Levi only survived due to the fact that he was able to pass the chemistry examination even though the whole test was in German. Levi’s survival allowed him to document in his own way what happened in the concentration camps under the Nazi regime and to understand better what actually happened there from the perspective of a prisoner. Surviving allowed Primo Levi to produce books, journals, novels, and biographies about his life and others in Auschwitz and to this day serve as original first hand documentation as to what actually happened in this period of

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