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Principles of Mangement

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1.- Remuneration: due to about 15 million were giving to employees in profit sharing.
Discipline, unity of direction: everybody at the company was doing its best in order to make the perfect guitar.
Stability and Tenure of Personnel: every worker was given formal training which resulted in the Initiative of employee profit sharing.
Unity of command: the order would come from the boss and the worker follows the order in the past.
Esprit de corps: after Chris went to an Outward Bound course and learned the value of teamwork.
Stability and tenure of personnel: Chris giving his employee formal training so they can do their job well.

2.- I believe that Mary Parker Follett would congratulate Chris Martin’s managerial style as he came to supports his employee and learned the value of teamwork; as a result Chris was able to motivate his staff’s performance through cooperation and a spirit of unity.

3. - Theory Y manager. Chris is committed to the company and his employees. Offering training to employees, employee involvement and share profit as rewards.

4. - Open system, he is engaged with his employees.

5.- In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies, Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr., 1982 because 36 companies were analyze and in my opinion it is always better to have different points of view form different sources rather than just one. I believed different sources can give mangers a more ample and better picture due to different case scenarios are analyze providing variety of examples and...

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