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Excel Exercise – 2
Note: Whenever you insert a text box in excel, it should contain a brief description of how you APROACHED THE PROBLEM, the STEPS YOU CARRIED OUT, THE TOOLS YOU USED and the CONCLUSION YOU REACHED (as mentioned in the instructions of this assignment).
Q – 1: Follow the printing instructions as given in the workbook (Remember, you have access to a printer )
Q – 2: Follow the printing instructions as given in the workbook
Q – 3: Print the Text Box only.
Q – 4: Print the Text Box and the filtered Data
Extra Credit Question: Print the Text Box only.
Q – 5: Follow the printing instructions as given in the workbook
Q – 6: Print the Text Box and your calculator’s final layout. Here the Text Box should contain the steps you followed in creating a fully functional button (7 – 8 Steps); you are NOT required to write the functionality of each button in the Text Box.
Q – 7: Before printing this question, check the “Show Formula” button under the Formulas tab. Print the Text Box, Chart, Calculations Area Table and Equation of Straight Line Table.
Q – 8: Follow the printing instructions as given in the workbook
Q – 9: Take a print out of Text Box and 5 Charts only.
Q – 10: Take a print out of your final word file named as MEMO_XXX, no need to insert or print Text Box for this question.
Extra Credit Questions:
Q # 1: Save your file as E2ECQ1_XXX. Print the Text Box and the Pie Chart only.
Q # 2: Save your file as E2ECQ2_XXX. Print the 3 Charts only, no need to insert or print Text Box for this question.
Q # 3: Use formulas wherever applicable. Save your file as E2ECQ3_XXX. Before printing this question, check the “Show Formula” button under the Formulas tab. Print the Text Box and complete data.
Q # 4: Your final excel file should contain four worksheets for each of the table # 4, 5, 6 and 7. Save your file as…...

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