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Prison Term Policy Recommendation

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The characterization of a threat can be described as a way to intimidate in order to accomplish fear, or a determination to inflict grievance. A threat ought to be instant in the company of a victim, in order for it to be considered an actual threat. The portrayal of a threat, in part, is the foundation of what creates a robbery, or the acting of stealing from another person. Robbery can be defined as “… someone taking another’s property by the use of intimidation or violent force” ( American Society of Criminology, 2008). The act of robbery can differ based on the level of violence and intimidation that is implicated. Several diverse levels of robbery consist of armed robbery, which includes the use of a weapon, aggravated robbery, which includes the use of or seemingly the use of a deadly weapon and highway robbery, which can take place outside in an opened area such as a road, recreational area or parking lot. Armed robbery is defined as “… someone taking another person’s property at gun point or with the use of intent of a weapon” (Haney, 2001). The current information provided is being shared in order to give a better understanding about the harshness of the criminal act of armed robbery and why there is a recommendation to change the current prison term policy. The complied information will give explanation for the preface of a bill that would double the highest prison term for armed robbery. With regards to the decision to support the bill, it is important to examine the current gaps as it relates to prison sentencing inside the judicial system. Prison sentencing within our justice system is broken down in gaps, as the verdict is a result of the crime presented. The variations of prison sentencing are portrayed if, for example, the offender is sentenced to five years for armed robbery, and another receives ten years for the same offense....

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...Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Feb. 2, 2015 CJA/314 Armed robbery is a severe and possibly grave criminal action that occurs way too much in the American society. In 2013 the FBI recorded 171,267 different occurrences of armed robbery within the United States across all the different reporting agencies. Although this number may seem high it is actually down from the previous year of 2012 which had a recorded 177,682 occurrences. Stemming from these numbers lawmakers are considering the possibility of increasing the time offenders are sentenced to when convicted of armed robbery. Some of the possible goals lawmakers expect to achieve from the passing of this bill include deterrence with the possibility of spending more time in jail and by keeping those already serving their time behind bars for an additional amount of time. By keeping those already convicted and serving time longer can ensure the aspect of them not considering doing the same crime once they are released. Acting as a deterrent the bill would act as a common sense prevention of even considering the thought of the criminal act. The simplest act that the bill can help ensure is by making every individual think of the consequences of their actions before they do something. The lawmakers know that there are going to be those that do not think before they do something and they plan to make these individuals the example of what can be expected when a person is convicted of this crime. As a......

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...Leo Cuen Mr. Downey Prison Term Policy Recommendation 2/18/2014 CJA-314 There are approximately ten thousand armed robberies that are registered each day in the files of agencies around the United States. This is a major concern to law enforcement and the citizens of the United States. The government is taking drastic measures to reduce the opportunity, capability, and intent of having armed robbers victimizes citizens for their own wrongful way of happiness. The government is implementing a bill, that when caught doing an armed robbery it will double the time of incarceration. As the right hand man of the state legislature I am a criminologist advisor, I oversee the concern, pain, and panic of the citizens when it comes to armed robberies. Therefore, the legislature is creating a bill for congress to pass. When it passes, it will double the years of prison time for a convicted armed robbery felon. The minimum sentence for a convicted armed robber is two to nine years depending the severity of the crime, and the maximum sentencing for an armed robbery is twenty-five years to life in prison also depending on the severity of the crime. The government is proposing for whoever commits an armed robbery of any type of severity of crime; the minimum sentencing is going to be twenty years behind state bars, and the maximum sentencing for an armed robbery will be life in prison with or without the possibility of parole depending on the severity of the crime. This......

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...Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Priscilla Williams CJA/314 September 3, 2013 Robert Williams Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal I have been hired as a criminologist advisor to one of the state legislature. The state legislature will soon vote on a bill that, if it passes will double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. This bill is very important and needs to be examined to see if it would be a solution to decrease arm robberies. The reason I am writing this proposal is to point out different solutions that might be very beneficial. I am examining the new bill to see if the changes are necessary and beneficial. Army Robbery is a very serious crime and seems to be on the rise since the country has been in recession. Robbery is a crime of theft and can be classified as Larceny by force or by threat of force. The elements of the crime of robbery include the use of force or intimidation and all the elements of the crime of larceny. The penalty for robbery is always more severe than for larceny (Dictionary). Victims of armed robberies want nothing more than to see justice served and to feel safe. When an individual is robbed, it hurts financially, mentally, and sometimes physically. The US government also pays a very high price due to robbery. Although crime seems to be declining, the US government incurs heavy cost attributed to armed robbery crime. According to the 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report, an estimate of $456 million......

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...Prison Term Policy Recommendations Proposal CJA/314 July 20, 2015 Prison Term Policy Recommendations Proposal Robbery is a serious crime in the big cities in the United States. Nearly 500,000 thousand robberies are reported to law enforcers’ at the rate of one per minute. It is a crime of theft or larceny by taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person of persons by force or threat of focus or by putting the victim in fear. Robberies can occur almost anywhere at any time and it can be carried out by a friend, relative, or total stranger. “When a deadly weapon, such as a gun, knife, or any cutting instrument, is used or the victim suffer injury, the robbery may be charged as “armed” or “aggravated”. Unlike burglary, the crime of robbery almost always requires the presence of a victim who suffers actual injury, or is threatened with harm” (Robbery Overview, 2015). Using a dangerous weapon constitutes an aggravated factor, which makes the crime more serious than just simple robbery. However, “armed robbery is one of the most serious offenses that anyone can be charged with, and carries some of the stiffest penalties under law. By definition, if you steal someone’s property by intimidating them with the presence of a weapon, even if you only pretend to have one, you have committed armed robbery. It is the thought that you have a weapon or the actual presence of the weapon that distinguishes this crime from simple......

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...Prison Term Policy Recommendation Tiffany Gaines CJA/314 April 16, 2013 Jeff Codner Hi my name is Tiffany Gaines. I am a criminologist advisor member of the state legislature. I have been asked by my boss to provide a prison term policy recommendation on armed robbery. The legislature will vote soon vote on a bill, if the bill passes the maximum prison term for any individual convicted of armed robbery will double. My boss has no doubt in his mind that this bill is popular, but he doubts whether or not a bill like this if passed will do any good. I will consider policy making as it relates to armed robbery, make recommendations, state reasons for my recommendations, state whether the bill is good or bad, and I will also state is this bill effective. Let me first start off my explaining what armed robbery is and that if a person commits armed robbery that person deserves to be punished. Armed-robbery (n.d.), according to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a violent crime where the individual is armed with a harmful weapon and takes property from another individual that does not belong to them. Armed robbery is a very serious and violent crime and it could led to murder if the robbery does not obtain whatever he/she is trying to obtain from the victim. The objective and goal of the bill is passed is to prevent individuals from committing such crime as armed robbery, increasing their punishment, and doubling the maximum prison term that he/she will receive if......

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...Gary K. Bradley Jr. University of Phoenix Instructor: Jacqueline Waltman Prison Term Recommendation Proposal CJA/314 5/3/2015 My name is Gary K. Bradley Jr., I am a criminologist hired by the state to examine the potential bill that will double the length in prison for those who commit armed robbery. During my examine I will look at all potential effect the bill will have on the prison, I will also look at the current maximum prison sentence for armed robbery and compare the effect on the prison system. I will also provide recommendation as to whether or not this bill will benefit all parties involved. The state legislature will soon be voting on a bill that if passed, will double the maximum prison sentence for those who are convicted of arm robbery. The reason for this proposal is to help create different solution that may be more beneficial to all parties affected by the bill, the state, prison system, and tax payers. The bill is currently popular among those in the state legislature, though there are some who oppose it. For that reason and examination of the bill was requested. I have decided to examine all new possibilities the new bill may bring, and if there is even any need to fix a policy that is not broken to begin with. Armed robbery id defined by the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) “and aggravated form of robbery in which the assailant is armed with a dangerous weapon. In other word taking property from someone with the use of force with a......

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