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Privacy in the 21st Century

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Privacy in the 21st Century Eng 122 Mrs. Samaniego 10 June, 2013

In today’s society cameras are watching every step you take and every move you make. How do you feel about that? Someone is watching you, whether it is the surveillance cameras at a gas station or it’s the security guard in a shopping mall. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? You post something on Facebook and decide to delete it 5 minutes later, but did you know that it will always be on the internet although you deleted it? You may not see it but others will. In today’s society, personal privacy rarely exists. There are certain devices and tools that people use when trying to invade someone’s privacy including hidden cameras and satellites. Privacy no longer exists due to all of the new technologies and programs enabling the invasion of someone’s privacy.
What is privacy? Do people today really understand what privacy is? Have they had the opportunity to experience privacy? The definition of privacy is “allowing an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal them selectively.” When something is private it is usually something personal or valuable to someone. Everyone likes privacy but it is no longer “available.” Everything people hope is private is no longer private. For example, before data bases were even created a patient’s information was recorded and put into files in a filing cabinet. There were no security precautions preventing another doctor from exploring someone’s files. A doctor could do anything with the files without anyone’s knowledge because there was no way...

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