Pro and Cons of Executive Compensation

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About Company
2) Describe manager’s responsibility and discuss the scope of the manager’s job?
* Act as a Strategic Business Partner to the project
* Provide daily HR support to the HR Manager, management and work effectively with internal corporate service department
* Assist in the full spectrum of HR functions such as recruitment, employee orientation, benefits administration, employee relations and HR audits
* Implement consistently HR processes and policies to meet business needs
* To assist in the development and implementation of Human Resource initiatives across the Group.
* Provide appropriate advice and support to assigned Head of Strategic Business Group / Strategic Functional Group in areas such as staffing, employee
* Provide input to HR specialists on the business unit’s needs to enable them to effectively support the business partners in meeting their objectives
* Assist in the annual staff performance appraisal exercise including working with Strategic Business Group / Strategic Functional Group Heads on the proposal for increment, bonus and promotion
3) What were your biggest accomplishment / failure in this position?
My biggest achievement is I manage to change certain benefits for this company and role it successfully. My failure is trying to manage the manpower issue
4) How do you handle stress & pressure
I laugh a lot during office hours and enjoyed my works is the most important
5) What do you find are the most difficult decision to make?
To inform my staff that I need to hire someone hire than her because she cant cope her work
6) How was the company’s progress?
The company progress is very good

The issues
7) Absenteeism
We are facing absenteeism almost every day in one of our business units. This issue happen because the employees don’t have the self urgency in their work…...