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Shealyn Kolakowski
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13 October 2012

Collective Bargaining On November 6, 2012, the citizens of Michigan will have to make a decision on not only who will run the country, but if proposal two is the right thing to enact in our state. As defined, proposal two states that “the people shall have the rights to organize together to form, join or assist labor organizations, and to bargain collectively with a public or private employer through an exclusive representative of the employees choosing, to the fullest extent not preempted by the laws of the United States.” This proposal has a good and a dark side to it, with many supporters of each side. The positive side to this proposal is what it is proposing. Collective bargaining helps level the playing field for employees so that CEOs aren’t the only ones benefitting from a company’s success. Without it, corporate bosses make millions while the people who actually do the work see their wages cut. People who support this bill, according to Protect Working Families, are nurses, policemen and women, firefighters, teachers and business owners. They are people who want to control their wages and make sure that the work environment in which they are in is fair. This proposal also helps to insure that departments have the necessary equipment to provide an adequate service. In that same regard, this would make sure that staffing levels are at what they need to be to insure quality care. In the negative side, there is a lot written in the fine print of this proposal that we cannot afford. According to the Protect Michigan Taxpayers, “government employee union bosses are attempting to hijack the Michigan constitution, silencing the people’s voice and permanently preventing our elected representatives from enacting commonsense labor laws. Our state constitution is not the place for such a brazen power...

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