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In the movie “The Life of PI” we meet a writer (Rafe Spall) chatting with Adult Pi (Irrfan Khan). He is beginning his story, but first, he starts of telling us how he got his name. His uncle (whom he calls "mama-ji") was a frequent swimmer thanks to his large chest and skinny legs. He went to a pool in Paris that was "so clear, you could make your coffee there." The pool was called Piscine Molitor, and therefore, Pi's full name was Piscine Molitor Patel. However, as a child, other people had a hard time pronouncing it, and the kids would make fun of him by pronouncing it "Pissing”. Patel was getting picked on so much that he abbreviates his name to Pi, and is shown in math class having full knowledge of the entire equation for pi. As a child, he was fascinated with religion. He first came to know Krishna from a story his mother told him, and he is initially raised Hindu. One day, his brother Ravi dares him to drink holy water from a church, in which he met with a priest who explained to him the story of Jesus Christ, he was also introduced to Islam and Allah. Pi tells the writer about Richard Parker, their Bengal tiger. He was named as such because of a mix-up in the paperwork when he was brought in; things take a big turn in Pi's life when his father announces that the city council is no longer supporting the zoo, so they are taking the zoo and moving to Canada. At night, PI hears a storm that was going on outside the ship he goes out to witness it going on, in excitement he almost gets pulled of the ship with the wind and waves he hears the ship alarm goes off. Trying to warn his family he finds out that the ship was already filling up with water. He runs out where everyone is evacuating on lifeboats he is shoved onto a lifeboat, which falls after a zebra jumps on it. As the lifeboat pulls away from the sinking ship, Pi tosses a life raft out, only to have Richard Parker pull on it and hop on the boat. Pi falls into the water again and watches as the ship sinks to the bottom of the sea. The next morning, Pi rescues an orangutan from the sea but ass time is passing the zebra dies of starvation and a hyena that was hiding ate the zebra and later died along with the orangutan. Pi discovers biscuits and water on the lifeboat, sharing some with Richard Parker to keep him happy. He finds a rat and tosses it to the tiger, who swallows it whole. PI later on goes on to tell us how he found an island where he would stay for a couple days or so, at night he looks at the water below and sees a bunch of dead fish. The meerkats and Richard Parker all appear to be running away. Pi finds a fruit with a human tooth inside. Adult Pi theorizes to Martel that the algae was acidic and carnivorous so he leaves the island. Later on comes upon another island in which he was saved and never to see Richard Parker again. In the hospital, Pi is visited by two Japanese reporters questioning him over the ship sinking. They find his whole tiger story to be farfetched and unbelievable, so he has to come up with a fictional story a more "realistic" one. The writer says that Pi's story was truly an amazing one, and he asks if he will allow him to write it. Pi says yes.

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