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To The Stake Holders

As you know it was my job to determine how we can improve the market share of the Aquine watches. Some of the recommendations that were given to me were to look into how effective the Aquine advertisements were and to see if we needed to improve them. According to the research 71 percent of people have seen the adds and 100 percent of the merchants have seen the adds with Krysten Neiman. Most of the people that took the survey think that the ads are affective. Some agree that it makes them proud to be wearing an Aquine watch.
The other suggestion was that the quality of the watches was falling and that that had been affecting the sales of the watches. According to our data 60 percent of Aquice owners have the certified watches. The majority of the people surveyed though that the certification was proof of quality and they also agreed that they were willing to pay more for the quality. People surveyed were willing to pay between $1,001 and $1,500 for the chronometer (SOCC) certified watches.
So my conclusion is that we should invest money in purchasing a Poising machine to poise the balance wheel that determines the accuracy of the movement in various positions. We also need to invest in purchasing movement holders that help in better assembling the watch that in turn improves the movement of the watch in different positions. Lastly I also recommend that we invest in purchasing a timing machine that is used to diagnose movement performance of a watch while it is being assembled.

Our customers know our product and they are willing to buy it. This indicates that we don’t need to improve our advertisements or choose another spokes person to endorse our product. Our customers are interested in buying our products but our customers are more interested in high quality products like the watches that have passed the (SOCC) and have...

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