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The site investigation is the one thing that must be done before starting the construction of the building. This is because the soil condition at the site need to be identifies to determine the suitable foundation use for the building. As we know, soil play a main role to support the load that come from the building and the building need a suitable foundation to transfer the load to the ground. Therefore, the investigation of soil need to be done to identify the type of soil to ensure the soil can carry the load.
In investigating the soil condition, the probe mackintosh commonly use in this country , Malaysia. Probe mackintosh may consist of two type which it is normal probe mackintosh and JKR probe mackintosh. The difference of these equipment is the degree of its degree of it penetration cone. Although they differ in the slope of Cone penetration but its function remains the same. The purpose of the investigation by using probe mackintosh is to take the soil in the ground as a sample to identify the condition of soil and to identify the strength of soil to carry load from the building.
In the process of investigating soil by using probe mackintosh, our group has chosen Lala land which is located in the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM), Seri Iskandar,Perak to practice soil investigation work by using mackintosh probe. The selection of location is to facilitate the work done. Besides that, we have also given the task to prepare a report relating to the assignment received which we have to identify the condition of the soil at this location and should be recorded for the purpose of determining the strength of the soil.


The main objective of probe mackintosh works is to:
* Collecting a disturbed soil sample for grain-size analysis and soil classification
* Determine sub-surface stratigraphy and identity materials…...