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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools
Joseph Rehman
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Foundation Schools
In the business world there are many challenges that may arise everyday of business. An effective manager must be able to carefully and accurately consider every situation, identify the problem, and then to try and come up with the solution that is needed. Being able to come up with and also be able to carry out any number of organizational strategies not matter how complex. Being able to carry out the organizational strategies out are important to the overall success of the company. Program management is one of the important tools that can help ensure that the organizational strategies that are properly executed. For a program management to be a success they need to have the ability to choose the project by an order of importance to come up with the optimal result. . Project managers must plan and budget projects and secure and coordinate the contributions of the project/program’s team members.(Gray & Larson) Program management is about pinpointing, qualifying, and dedicating time and resources to projects that tend to focus on the business strategy. Program managers are able to do this by being able to measure organizations resource demand, capacity, capability, and overall performance to help ensure that the projects strategies are being completed accordingly. Being able to measure these strategies being completed will help allow program managers to be able to identify and adjust them if they are not meeting business objective. Lastly a program managers help ensure that projects are meeting all of the company’s objectives by being able to set up effective communication and reporting system that will allow up to the minute decision making that are based on all the fact about the project. This way project/program managers can ensure...

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