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Problem Solving Paper

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Problem Solving Paper
Psych. 560
June 24, 2013
Prof. Pitt

Problem Solving Paper
Problem solving skills are a necessity in order to make effective decisions and manage a team. Without problem solving skills it is impossible for one to be credible and make reliable decisions each and every time. Problem-solving is a mental process that is used to discover, analyze, and solve problems. When problem solving, the ultimate goal is to conquer hurdles and come up with the best solution. Discovering and identifying the Problem can be complicated process. When individuals mistakenly identify the source of a problem incorrectly it will most often lead to inefficient or useless attempts to solve it. The aim of this paper is to identify the approaches to the study of problem-solving and inform the role of insight and creativity in the process of problem solving. The paper also seeks to examine issues with representation and solution. As well as examining the role of reasoning, judgment, and decision making in the process of problem-solving.
Approaches to the Study of Problem-Solving
The approaches to the study of problem solving include Behaviorism, Gestalt psychology and Cognitive Psychology. Behaviorism concentrates on what goes on in minds and solemnly focuses on general behavior. Discovered in the early twenties by John Watson but made popular by B.F Skinner, behaviorism concentrates on what goes on in minds and solemnly focuses on general behavior. They came up with a principle of conditioning as to why humans and animals learn some behavior and not others. In simple terms, behaviorism is problem solving through learning. E. L. Thorndike conducted systematic studies in the late 1800s on behaviorism. His main agenda bases on the basic processes involved in learning. He enclosed cats in “puzzle boxes” limiting their freedom and carefully observed...

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