Problems Encountered by Irregular College Students

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Background of the Study
Academic performance really means three things: this means the ability to study and remember facts, it also means being able to think in relation to facts and thirdly, it further means being able to communicate one’s knowledge verbally or practically (
A marching band is a company of instrumental musicians performing outdoors for the purpose of entertainment and sometimes in competition. Instrumentations typically include brass, woodwinds and percussion instruments (
The marching band at Partido State University was one of the competing units among the marching bands. They joined military parades, concerts, street parades and many more. It means that joining in marching bands had a lot of trainings and practices to be done. In this regards the academic performance of the band members maybe sacrifice because of double priorities. In addition, the society may have different expectations of the performance of the band members according to their own perspectives.
It was observed that there are band members who had incomplete or failing grades. It all depends on how they personally addressed problems as a student and as a band members who got failing grades and incomplete grades faced a consequence of termination as a band scholar.

Statemant of the Problem
This study aims to determine the problems encountered by the PSU Marching Band Members that affect their academic performance.
Specifically this sought to answer the following questions:
1. What are the profiles of PSU Marching Band Members as to:
a) Age
b) Gender
c) Instruments
2. What are the academic performance of PSU Marching Band Members?
3. What are the problems encountered by the PSU Marching Band Members which affect their academic performance.

The following are the assumptions of the…...

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