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Problems Facing Kenya

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Kenya the land of cancer.
I look at the Kenyan society today and the best name that comes in my mind is “cancer’’, a deadly disease, if it’s not in the government and its leaders then in the public institutions, like universities, hospitals and the public road infrastructure.
The following are the major issues affecting Kenya and at large, the African continent, ‘’ the dark continent indeed’’
1. Corruption – the common phrase used by the leader is ‘’ it’s our time to eat’’. After elections, the wining team which for a long time will always be from specific community, tries as much as possible to occupy all the appointment positions in the government to ensure that they gain maximally from the national cake ‘’ natural resources’’ for example, Kenya security organs are occupied with one community and at any time they can decide to chair a national security meeting in their own dialect. During the time of grand coalition government from 2007-2012, the office off the prime minister, was composed of one ethnic group, from where the prime minister emanates, in leadership , the system of Kenya doesn’t trust an outsider, i.e., if the president is from kikuyu, then the top positions in the defense force are from his ethnic community.

The police force is not left out in this vise, to compensate for their little salaries, they practice bribery along the main Kenya high ways, they allow unworthy vehicles to use the roads at a prize of ksh 100 per tribe. In their recruitment, for several occasions, bribery has been reported and the last recruitment in 2014 was cancelled through a court order,

Corruption has also seen several road procedure compromised as the tenders are awarded to the less qualified civil companies after money charging hands. This is also seen in the houses collapsing in the capital city.

In public institution like universities, the vice chancellors and the senate give admission to those who do not qualify, this leads to half backed graduates and graduates who completely are not ready to work , the university qualification grade is C+ not D-

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