Problems & Prospects of Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh

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The aim of the study is to present the current scenario of the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors, which is contributing in the country’s economy. After promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance -1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. The professional knowledge, thoughts and innovative ideas of the pharmaceutical professionals working in this sector are the key factors for this development. Due to resent development of this sector, it is exporting medicines to global markets including highly regulated European markets. This sector also providing 97% of the total medicine requirement of the local market. Leading pharmaceutical companies are expanding their business with the aim to expand export market recently few new companies have been established with hi-tech equipments and high professionals which will enhance the strength of this sector. Government declared “Pharmaceuticals as the product of the year (2008), in a bid to boost it export further, such a move is the first in Bangladesh and pharmaceuticals has been single out considering its tremendous prospect in the global market and diversification of basket as well as Bangladesh pharmaceuticals industry is the highest among the LDCs and growing with 50% annually. Bangladesh pharmaceuticals industry is one of the first growing sector in Bangladesh among the 50 LDCs. Bangladesh is the only country that is nearly self sufficient in pharmaceuticals sector.

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