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Problems with Online Edu

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July 1,2013

The Problem with Online Education

Esteemed Communication Department heads of the University Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL) I would like to first congratulate you on your ranking of fifth place in the Journal of Communication for scholarly productivity among all universities offering communication degrees (including M.A. and Ph.D.). This ranking conveys to people that the UMSL Communication Department employs the best staff for inspiring communication majors with a curriculum that highlights the key elements of what it means to communicate effectively with people in different social situations. But, I would like to ask something that has baffled me since becoming a communications major. Why do communication majors take online classes? Most communication classes are only offered online and the ones that aren’t online are usually held in time slots that do not mesh together with a students schedule thus you have to take online classes to keep on track. Now I must point out that online classes are a new innovative method of learning with education but wouldn’t a communication major benefit more from learning their craft in a environment conducive to their major.

Online classes are great in a theoretical sense you can learn at any time and practically anything. But in communications extra steps need to be made in order to fully grasp the concept of the subject. For example one of the key courses that every communication major has to take is Intercultural Communication. In Intercultural Communication you learn the intricacies of interacting and working with people who don’t share the same values, ideas and etiquettes as you personally hold. This class is so much more effective in a traditional classroom setting because it incorporates students with different cultures that generate discussions and advice beneficial to…...

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